More about us!

City Sirens was formed in September 2013, after Emma Emma#and a group of ladies who had been on the waiting list for another choir came together with the help of professional singer, Tom Colwell.Tom

Emma Sands had received an email from the choir’s waiting list saying it was closing and so she decided to email all the other ladies on the list to see if she could start something up with them. Though she has no musical teaching experience herself she asked the group if they knew anyone who could help.

Amazingly, one of the ladies on the list lived in the same building as Tom, and lo and behold, later that same day, Emma and Tom were discussing setting up the new choir. Whilst the group has only been going a short time, it is great to see it growing from strength to strength with new members, and more adventurous musical arrangements.2

The aim of the group is to sing close harmonies ‘a capella’ (in the manner of the chapel) something which has become quite popular recently through the popular TV show Glee and films such as Pitch Perfect.City Sirens

However, the practice has been around for centuries, and barbershop quartets are very popular in the United States. Indeed, co-founder Emma led a similar group at University which was the inspiration for City Sirens.


During 2015 Tom, our Musical Director shared the role with our committed committee member Cat who stepped in for Tom when it was clear his career was taking him on to new things. We are sad to say that Tom left us at the end of our Summer term in 2016, however we were lucky to have the musical leadership of Julian Martin, Rhona Coogan, Hannah Noone and Ben Pinnow during 2016-17. We are now in the expert directing hands of Rachel Kilby who has become our full-time musical director.




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